LOAN PRE-APPROVAL - Speak with one of our affiliate lenders to acquire your confidential financing amount. With this information you may focus clearly on the right home for you.

LAND- Acquire the land of your choice. Our MHB representative will go to your property and perform a site check in preparation for your new home purchase.

FLOOR PLAN - Select a floor plan from our hundreds of options. You may choose to go with one of our plans or bring us your own idea. Our professional design team is seasoned to provide you with the home that fits your tastes, needs, and budget.

PERSONALIZE -Pick out your interior and exterior design features and elevation options at our Design Center; it is the one stop shop for Home Shopping. We do not hide costs. Home planning is made easy for you by providing our base turn key price for each floor plan.

PRICE -Arrive at your bottom line price with one of our trained associates. Our base price is turnkey and includes many standard features. We offer numerous upgrades to fit your tastes and preferences. All MHB homes are built on a standard crawlspace foundation. Basements are an available option.

FINANCING -Speak to one of our affiliate lenders to acquire your mortgage loan commitment letter. We are associated with a variety of Banks and Lenders, which provide a multitude of programs and options. You will never know until you take the first step by speaking to one of our MHB representatives for a referral.

CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT -Review the final floor plan, the contract, and then make your initial 10% deposit. At foundation completion, 20% is due. The finances for your new home are spread out into 4 separate payments to ensure ease of financing and a timely build.

YOUR HOUSE ARRIVES - The day before the house arrives on your site, the third payment of 50% is due. The modules will then be set the following day and your new home will be ready for the finishing touches, such as; the floor covering, site built garage, sidewalk, driveway, heating and air conditioning, etc.

FINAL DELIVERY PAYMENT- After you have walked through the house with your Project Manager completing the final inspection process, we then receive your final 20% payment and;

You receive the keys to your new home!


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